Torture Test Magazine Volume One: KDX200 1995-2006
Torture Test Magazine Volume One: KDX200 1995-2006
Torture Test Magazine Volume One: KDX200 1995-2006

Torture Test Magazine Volume One: KDX200 1995-2006

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Torture Test Magazine is an e-magazine which documents, in fine detail, the stories of bikes subjected to a real-world reliability test known as "the torture test." In the magazine, the torture test is conducted on a bike until it mechanically fails so badly that it can no longer run. Why? Because bike reviews based on a few hours of test riding are not satisfying enough. We want to know exactly how reliable a bike is, and how it will eventually fail. Simply put, Torture Test Magazine brings you the world's most detailed reliability and cost of ownership reviews for motorcycles.

This is the first ever volume of Torture Test Magazine! In this volume, the 1995-2006 KDX200 is put through the torture test to see how long it survives under brutal (but real-world usage) conditions. Spoiler alert: this bike is amazing. 

This is a free digital PDF magazine with the following contents:

  • KDX200 Torture Test article: A real-world usage test with data logging to provide an in-depth look at reliability and cost of running on the KDX200. This is the full story of a 2003 KDX200 going from like-new to completely broken down.
  • Early access to the KDX200 In-Depth Review video (if you're downloading this before the official release)
  • Adding a donation adds a section to the PDF which gives you lifetime access to the closed Torture Test Magazine Crew group, a private group with exclusive content. This takes the place of the previous Patreon page.
  • Total page count: ~140 pages

If you're coming here because you liked the KDX200 In-Depth Review, you'll like this volume of Torture Test Magazine even more.

Originally, this volume of Torture Test Magazine was for purchase only, and cost $0.99. Sales were not high enough to keep this website open. In March 2019, I had to make the decision to either close it down or start funding it personally. Since I started to fund it myself, I figured I might as well make everything free. If it's still open, that means I'm still paying out of pocket to keep it open. Your donations are welcome and appreciated. I put a lot of work into this and it would be really heart-breaking to have to close the website. I'd like to keep it open as long as I can!

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