SP500 Back of Front Fender Sticker Spot #1

SP500 Back of Front Fender Sticker Spot #1

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Sponsor/Sticker spot on the 1982 SP500. See picture for the spot which this will purchase.

The term of this purchase is for 3 races with videos produced for that race (The 2021 Glen Helen 10 Hour will not count towards that, as it is just a test ride for this bike). If I race it without making a video, it will not count. After the term has passed I may re-list the spot.

How it works:

  • Add to cart, checkout with item.
  • You will receive an order number. Send an email to info@torturetestmagazine.com with that order number. Include the image file that you would like me to put in the sticker spot. 
  • I will create the sticker, put it on the bike, and refresh it as necessary until the end of the term.
  • Enjoy seeing your sticker in my videos :)