Endurance Racing On a KDX200 Video - Fan Funding

Endurance Racing On a KDX200 Video - Fan Funding

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I have a pretty great story to tell about a 1990 KDX200 that my friends and I have been using as a beater to do endurance races on. The bike has raced the 2021 Glen Helen 6 Hour Endurance Race, the 2021 Glen Helen 10 Hour, and the 2022 Glen Helen 10 Hour.

That's 26 hours of endurance racing that the beater KDX has survived, and it has all been very eventful. I'm planning out a video about this bike and about the stupidity we have put it through.

This fan funding will go toward two things:

  1. Repairing the damage I did to the KDX so my friend Matt, who owns it, will continue to let me race his stuff without worrying that it will just be destroyed completely every time. In this case, I ripped the hard-to-find original rear fender off of this bike while racing it. I also ripped the hard-to-find original exhaust off this bike while racing it... twice. I also bent new sets of bars on this bike.... twice....
  2. Getting me a little something for my time while I produce this video, so I can take the time to do this video to my liking, and then move right into the next project without having to take a ton of time to catch up on making money from the time lost and dollars spent!

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