Best Ways to Support TTM (some are free!)

Here's a list of all the ways you can help this channel thrive! Check out the end of the list for ways that you can help this channel without spending any extra money!


Check out the Fan Funding projects on this website by clicking here

I list every pre-planned project for fan-funding on this website. Instead of having a Patreon, I give people the option to support me on a project-by-project basis on this website. It lets you decide which exact project you want to support, and how much you want to support it.

Supporters of videos are always listed in the video itself in some form or fashion, and, of course, they get access to my private facebook group or Buy Me A Coffee for my exclusive update feed.

Purchasing from this website

Any completed checkout from this website will get you invited to my private facebook group, as well as free-for-life access to which is a Patreon-style feed. I use the private facebook group and the Buy Me a Coffee to post the same update blog. You can just use whichever you prefer.

Shop at Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Using My Affiliate Code

I'm partnered with Rocky Mountain ATV/MC, the leading retailer of motorcycle, ATV, and UTV equipment. They have everything; OEM parts, riding gear, tires, aftermarket parts, you name it. Simply bookmark this exact URL to start shopping at Rocky Mountain and I'll earn a commission on the sales, with no added cost to you: 

Make sure the ?ref=1046 is in the link you bookmark, as that is my affiliate code. It disappears from your URL navigation bar as soon as the page loads, so make sure to bookmark the exact URL above, not what shows up in your URL navigation bar after you click the link.


Shop at Amazon Using My Affiliate Code

Buy whatever you normally buy at amazon, but use this exact link to get there, and I'll earn a commission on certain sales:

You can also see my favorite Amazon items, like the supplements I take to stay healthy and athletic, broken down into lists by visiting


YouTube Channel Membership

I've enabled YouTube Channel Memberships for my channel. This allows people to show in the comment section that they are supporters of the channel. Channel members get a special icon next to their YouTube name which shows how long they have supported the channel. I also post the same updates blog to YouTube Channel Members that I post to the private facebook group and the TTM Buy Me a Coffee.

Follow my Instagram

I post quite a lot of teaser content on Instagram, so don't miss out on it! Building up the Instagram by becoming a follower and engaging with me on Instagram helps expand my reach, and it costs you nothing! 


Increase your Engagement on my Videos!

THESE THINGS REALLY HELP! Because of the YouTube content-serving algorithm (the AI which decides what videos get promoted and which videos never even get shown), having high-quality subscribers is more important than having a high number of subscribers. Here are some things you can do which will absolutely turbo-charge the Torture Test Magazine channel in the eyes of the YouTube Algorithm:

  • Make sure you are subscribed with notifications turned on! Being subscribed hardly means anything to the YouTube algorithm. By turning on notifications, it shows the algorithm that there are people who really do want to see the content. It also makes you less likely to miss something awesome I put out!
  • Hit thumbs up every time I post a video, even if you decide not to watch it. The thumbs up button helps signal the algorithm to surface the video to more viewers, making it more likely that the video will find its way to niche viewers who will watch it and become a fan of the channel.
  • Leave a comment on every single video. This is incredibly powerful. If you don't have anything to say, just comment something generic like "thank you" or "commenting to turbo charge the channel"
  • Share the content. The YouTube algorithm LOVES when people click links outside of YouTube that brings people to YouTube. When YouTube sees that a channel consistently brings in viewers from other sources, the algorithm boosts that channel. Use that share button next to the videos to text, email, share to social media, post on forums, and anything you can. Stir the pot and let the KTM Tears flow ;)