Collection: Let's Fix the DR200!

Welcome to the first of the opportunities to support the greatest DR200 content the internet has ever seen (coming soon)! In here, you'll find a bunch of parts listed. These are not parts for sale, they're parts that you can buy to be used on the DR200 project. If you add a clutch plate to the cart, check out and pay for it, you'll have purchased the clutch plate that will go into the DR200. For each part purchased, your name will be added to the bike saying how you supported the project. You can also send me a design, a note, or whatever else you want me to add to the bike in the form of a sticker. Draw something in paint, type out a message, send me your own sticker, grab something off google images, or whatever you want to do! I'll add it to the bike. The only things I can't add are things that would get me in trouble or kicked out of events.
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