Yotahome Summer Living Survival Video - Fan Funding

Yotahome Summer Living Survival Video - Fan Funding

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Summer came quick, and since I am living out of a truck, I've been forced to adapt to it! I can gladly say I have come up with a host of methods that allow me to sit here in 65 degree comfort while it is 102 degrees outside with full sunlight, and I'm not running the engine to do that! This video will aim to share how I'm able to survive in the desert heat with the Yotahome. Methods will be applicable to almost any other vehicles.

This fan funding will go toward two things:

  1. Recovering costs involved with establishing my summer setup. It wasn't especially expensive but there was some cost and it would help the pacing of my videos immensely to recover those costs quicker without having to put in extra hours at work
  2. Getting me a little something for my time while I produce this video, so I can take the time to do this video to my liking, and then move right into the next project without having to wait for funds to recover.

The $2 minimum is because many people pay with credit card, and they carry transaction fees that zap away a lot of the power of a $1 contribution... unfortunately.