Making A CRF230F 24 Hour Endurance Race Worthy?

Making A CRF230F 24 Hour Endurance Race Worthy?

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Help out with this project so I can MAKE MORE! Supporters of a project will be listed on the video(s) that they helped produce.

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I believe this CRF230F can be made into an absolutely awesome endurance racing machine that will be a pleasure to ride for 24 hour straight. I also believe it can be done in a way that can be easily replicated by anyone, at a completely reasonable cost... Whatever happens, I am definitely racing this thing for 24 hours straight! This fan funding will support that experiment and all of the videos that will come out of it.

This fan funding will go towards several things and several videos:

  1. Helping with the costs of making the CRF230F endurance-race-worthy. I've taken part in several CRF230F builds, and I'm now confident I can cut through the BS and get 90% of all the improvement that can ever be had from a CRF230F for 20% of the cost. I'd like to be able to do that, and share a series of videos on what I end up doing to make this bike everything I want from an endurance bike.
  2. Helping hire my crew for the weekend of the 24 hour race. I'm done seeing them help out for free. It's a long, hard weekend and they're getting paid for it.
  3. Getting me some compensation for the time that goes into making the content that will come out of this adventure, up-front, so I don't have to wait ages to recoup costs before moving on to the next project.

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